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  I have an eight course renaissance lute with a 600mm string length. What would the proper pitch be for this instrument? And, what tuning? Thanks. I'd appreciate any help. -Fernando.

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HI, I play an 8c ren lute (made by Lars Jönsson, Stockholm) with string length 61 cm tuned at 440 Hz with Nylgut top string (0.42 mm).

I need the higher pitch because I play sometimes with recorders tuned at that pitch.

My lute would probably sound even better at 415 Hz.

So yuo can tune your 60 cm lute at either 440 or 415 Hz.



I forgot to mention that the tuning is the standard renaissance tuning in G (from 8th to 1st: D F G C f a d g).

 Thanks. That's just what I needed.


If you ever plan to use gut strings, be aware that the top string would not last long and you would need to tune in F rather than G to get useable string life.

 Thanks. I will not be using gut strings until I'm fairly comfortable with the lute. Right now, I'm using LaBella TL8CRS#1's. I'm finding the basses a little floppy. I wouldn't mind a bit heavier gauge. If you can recommend something in nylon gut, I'd be grateful.  _Fernando.


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