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Hi Folks,

I am building my first Romantic Guitar and have no experience with this type of bridge. How much vertical adjustment is possible for this type of bridge? I assume there is some adjustment possible by moving the tie knot up or down. 

Looking forward to your replies.

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Good question. I think you can adjust the string height more on these sort of bridges, than you can with ones with saddles (without the saddle being too high or too low). I've never measured it, and I am sure other people on this forum can answer that more accurately, but I would imagine a couple of mm (resulting in a change of 12th fret height of a millimetre). I am guessing you are making a Spanish copy, if it's Romantic, yet a tie-bridge? Even then, I can't think of a Spanish guitar from the Romantic period without a saddle, but I guess there must be! But Good luck. 

Thanks, James! The guitar is an 1816 Jose' Martinez from Scot Tremblay's GAL plan.

I have 3 original 6-course guitars and I had a Martinez a few years ago. If you email me I can tell you more about the action.


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That's strange? Sorry about that. Please try again, but ccing it to my other address jrw84@cantab.net (I prefer the guitar museum, because it is easier to use and I check it every few mins (the other one, I forget).

Thank you,



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