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I have been looking at some of the music published under the guidance of Madame R. Sidney Pratten and have come across a couple signs that I'm not sure how to interpret. See the link below for some pieces but Leonard Schultz. I'm looking at the first piece, 5th line, 1st measure. The squiggles under the 1/16th note run. And the third piece, last line the circle with a cross inside over the chords. I have an idea but would like to hear others thoughts and, if possible, a source where these symbols might be explained. Thank you.


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The squiggles look like trills to me, but I don't know about the crosses. they look to me like they were drawn in, not part of the original printing, perhaps?

In earlier sources these squiggles can mean vibrato.

I believe cross in a circle is right hand thumb. (especially considering following dots to indicate other thingers) - probably some kind of rasgeado here. 

This sign is used also today in some editions. 

And 'squiggle' i thing it's common sign for 'mordent' - or?  

Thanks,  gang. I did eventually find out what Madame R. Sidney Pratten intended by these symbols. For other who might be interested they are all found in her method. 


Thank you

very interesting


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