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My name is Rasmus Erlemann. I'm a luthier from Estonia.
I came into possession of an old Stauffer guitar. It has been restored but unfortunately not correctly, finish has been replaced by nitrocellulose and it has a new wider neck (Old neck has been kept fortunately)
How much would the repairwork by top notch vintage guitar repairman come out (remove
old finish, apply authenthic finish, reattach the old neck, touch up
some inlay work.). Very loose esimate would do fine. I would do it myself but the guitar is too valuable and I usually don't do repairs.

Could you identify the year? maker and maybe the price of this instrument

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards

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I think it would best to contact Erik P. Hofmann. He is very knowledgeable on the 19th century Viennese guitar and has restored many Stauffers and other. The first thing he'll probably want is a photo of the lable if there is one as there are a number of "copies" and even fakes out there.




Good luck with it and keep us posted on what happens.


Scot, the link doesn't work on my PC.

I'm afraid I couldn't help, but judging from the steep angle of the bridge saddle, the guitar appears to be "modified" to use steel strings, rather than "restored".

Does the old neck have a flying fingerboard?

Try this one. It's the website for his excellent book:




I believe he is taking a bit of a hiatus from building/restorations but I'm pretty sure he is still available for consultations.


He also has a Facebook page: Stauffer & Co. You should be able to contact him through there.

Thanks, Scott. The new link doesn't work either (maybe just on my PC, but it just works normally otherwise...), but I sent a request to take part in the group on FB. :)


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