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Hi All,

I'm a new member here. I build guitars and teach people to build guitars. This is my first romantic period build. It is a Stauffer style (but I assume you all know that). I have used the Rubner tuners and their neck mechanism. The soundboard is Engelmann Spruce, the back and sides are Australian QLD Maple, neck is Mahogany (black shellac), The fretboard, bridge and decoration are all Ebony. The headplate veneer is Brazilian Rosewood.

It was an interesting build as I had no plans and had to make them up as I went along but it was lots of funs working out the adjustable neck. I'll definitely use that again!

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Congratulations; you are obviously a very good craftsman. Would you consider staining the head veneer black to be more harmonious with the fingerboard and bridge? A different school, but I noticed that when the Cadiz makers of the late 18th to early 19th century used a rosewood fingerboard, they also used a rosewood head facing, and likewise, when they used an ebony fingerboard, they would have an ebony head facing. But well-done, and without any plans!   

Thanks, The Brazilian Rosewood was a gift from an old luthier friend that has just recently passed away and I thought it would be a good tribute to him to have it on the guitar. I had already planned to use Ebony for all the other bits.


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