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I'm repairing a simple 4c guitar that I made 35 years ago.  The soundboard has been off a couple of times in its history (and again today) and the edges are starting to get a bit ratty.  It's a decent piece of spruce and I'd be sweir [useful Scots word] to replace it with a new one.

I know that lutes often had a 'lace', often just a strip of parchment, to cover the edge, and I would guess that this was done because the soundboard would have been off for repairs a few times and no doubt would start looking a bit worse for wear.

I wonder what the authenticity police would say if I suggested that a parchment 'lace' would be a neat answer to my problem?  I don't know if there's any evidence of this having been done to guitars, but would be interested to hear views.


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If you're concerned about "authenticity," is it too late to install half-binding?


The again, why not lace? It can just be a "later model" 4c guitar, right...?



Hi Andrew,

Yes - It orginally had half-binding, but it's getting a bit chipped and ragged as well.  I suppose I could try and replace it with a new half binding.  A lace would be easier though . . .



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