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Please tell me anything about "Rondoletto" op4 by Giuliani???

There is another op 4 by Mauro Giuliani.

And I think Mich (Michele) Giuliani originally composed "Rondoletto" for Terz guitar with violin and viola and cello.  Also, there is arrangement? for solo. (there is M. Giuliani on the cover page...  don't know which one: Mauro/Mich)

Do you know anyone why it happened? 

There is one CD from Naxos recently, shows "Rondoletto" by Mauro Giuliani.

and I found out so many people says "Rondoletto" by Mauro. 

If anyone knew the resource/ primal source of this piece, please.


Shintaro Yana

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Hmmm....I've never heard that Mauro Giulianis' son wrote the "Rondolette Op.4". I'd be interested to find out.


This is from Digital Guitar Archive:  Usually he used his name as Mich.


This is also from DGA, actually from GFA archive.

it said:

  • Author
    Giuliani, Michel, 1801-1867
  • Title
    Rondoletto op. 4 / Mauro Giuliani.

What is this mean??? 


  • Source Notes 1
    Actually composed by Giuliani's son, Michel; originally for guitar with string quartet.

It seems this is composed by Michel Giuliani.

I really want to know about this, and there is manuscript or real source of this?





On this page you can see that the dates fits to Mauro Guiliani. But of course this is not a proof only an indication.

Thank you but it does not show any proof....
You think this composed by Mauro?  and this music seems new edition....


This is from Boije collection:

This is the oldest facsimile of "Rondoletto", which I found out.

At cover page:

bearbeitet von A. Mehlhert

(It's his arrangement????) 

Also, "M. Giuliani" (It does not show Mauro or Michele)

Please put this on as different topic.....thanks


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