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Hello everyone!
I'm not sure if this topic has been touched before but I'm having an issue with my right pinky. (For those who play without rest it on the soundboard)
When I'm playing arpeggios (in particular pim, pimi) or scales, my pinky holds too much tension and becomes rigid sometimes extended, others flexed.
Also when I move to the piano, and in fact, when typing on my PC keyboard happens, too.
I'm very concerned because I believe it's giving me problems on accuracy and I feel very unconfortable. I guess this is a common condition but really dont' know how to proceed in order to erradicate it.

Any of you have suffered it too? Any recomendation?
Thanks a lot!

(I attached two pictures to better view)

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I can't speak to working with this issue on piano or PC keyboard, but with guitar I have a suggestion.  For me the right hand little finger moves with and stays close to, (touching in fact) the ring finger.  If the little finger is relaxed it will do that naturally.  One idea to train it to relax and follow the ring finger is to wrap a rubber band around both the ring and little finger to help it learn to stay close.  I can see from your photos that it must be very uncomfortable.   

I think Sor was a pinky "in-betweener", placing his pinky on the body when his hand moved from the standard position (that being m on the first string, i on the second string, thumb on the remaining four).

My guess would be that Sor would not have his pinky down for arpeggios, but would place his fourth digit on the soundboard for scales.

Sometimes I employ the little finger, pressing it perpendicularly on the sounding-board below the first string, but take care to raise it as soon as it ceases to be necessary. (Sor's Method, pg. 33)


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