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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to rent an Vihuela for a week for a recording session I have soon. It needs to be an 8 course and intonation needs to be comfortable in GMinor.

Can anyone help?

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It might be worth contacting U.k.  Lutesoc - they are helpful and do hire instruments. They  have a regular 6 course vihuela;  I didnt know vihuelas  could have 8 courses. It would be easy enough to hire an 8-course lute in g though


There is also page of members ads and some of them do  hire out instruments


I doubt very much you will find an 8 course vihuela. As far as I am aware, there's really no evidence they existed in the first place so I don't know of anyone who makes one. Maybe a 7 course as there is a little anecdotal evidence that there may have been these instruments but again I don't think anyone makes them on a regular enough basis for them to be easily available. I only know of one and it's not in the UK.


Why the need for such an instrument? Especially one in which the course number and tuning is out of context.  As Tony says, you'd have much better luck with finding an 8 course lute and stringing it up D minor.


Maybe Alexander Batov, our resident vihuela expert,  will chime in and set the matter straight.

yes, sorry - i meant a 4 course, not an 8 course! 


Then the instrument you are looking for could be a renaissance guitar?
Lutesoc does have a couple of renaissance guitars - I loaned one for 3 months; a good instrument and I learned a lot from it.
thanks tony - i know the lute soc - i'll drop them a message....


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