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Hello everyone!


I am new here and I and going to attempt to make a renaissance guitar. Luckily for me, my dad likes to build cabinets and such on his free time so I have access to all the tools. All I need is a basic plan or just the measurements. It would be nice if I could get a plan but Measurements would do fine.


Javier Rivera

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If you don't want to make you own rose (which is perfectly legit...at least I hope it is 'cause I lack the patience to do very many of them) you might contact a fellow EG&V member that makes beautiful parchment roses. Here's a link to his page where he posted some of his delicate work.




But if you do want to do the rose here's a link to some info and a step by step pictoral essay on making a Baroque guitar rose. The Renaissance one whould be less complicated but this gives you the idea.






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