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Hello dear fellow members,

Does anyone know where to find plans for a renaissance guitar and/or shed some lights about timber choice, internal bracing, and current dimensions ?

Since there's no extant historical instrument, I assume modern luthiers build renaissance guitars as a "lighter" baroque guitar, but I may be wrong...

Any inputs  and tips would be the most welcomed.

Thanks in advance,


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Sorry, I can’t answer your question, but as background reading, have you read Christopher Page’s award winning book on the Tudor Guitar, which looks at all the evidence available surrounding the English gittern.

Thank you James for the input; I will take a closer look.

Plus, I realized just after posting that my previous search was note very accurate, because there is indeed a thread about ren. guitar build full of useful infos in the "building" section of the forum.

My apologies, and if our dear mods want to delete this redundant thread, it's not a problem for me.




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