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Because I know that the Chanterelle editions of facsimiles by Leroy, Morlaye, etc. for the renaissance guitar are out of print, perhaps someone can help me: How can I find any available edition of these books (in tablature facsimile or not)? Actually, I have only the Adrian's Le Roy "Tiers livre..." edited by Pascal Gallon.

Thank you very much and greetings from Spain,
Alberto Miniño.

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The music of LeRoy and Morlaye is published by Moeck. I have Moeck Nr. 3803 and 3804. They have tablature facsimilie and modern notation. Also, this music is in the Mel Bay Book, Guitar Music of the 16th Century by Keith Calmes, modern notation only. I got these books from www.sheetmusicplus.com MelBay also has a book, Guitar Music from "Tres Libros de Musica" The Oldest Surviving Muisc for the Guitar transcribed and edited by Eric Waters. This book has modern tablature and modern notation. I play music from all these books on my Renaissance Guitar.



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