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Hi everyone! 

Does anyone have recordings of the renaissance guitar to recommend? It's easy enough to find recordings of baroque guitar music, but I can't really find any recordings dedicated to the renaissance guitar. 

I have the following but in these the renaissance guitar is part of the general ensemble:

- Shirley Rumsey's two cds on Naxos.

- The Broadside Band's Il Ballarino.

- Piffaro's various cds.

I'd love to learn to use the renaissance guitar as an accompanying instrument, and was hoping to learn more from recordings. Does one simply treat it as a ukulele and strum along? 

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thank you!

A small, 4-c instrument is used in the anonymous, five-movement "Conserto Vago" along with lute and theorbo. The Lute Group recorded it on their 1985-ish LP "Like as the Lute Delights", Plant Life PLR072. The group included WIlson, Rumsey, Finucane, and Miller.

thank you!

The ASV (now defunct) CD "Alonso Mudarra Spanish Songs & Vihuela Solos" by Catherine King and Jacob Heringman contains all six pieces for the renaissance guitar composed by Alonso Mudarra.

All performances I mentioned so far are recorded with guitars (and vihuelas) strung with real gut.

thank you!

A couple of Jocelyn Nelson's performances of the renaissance guitar pieces by Le Roy and Morlaye can be viewed here on YouTube:




I just purchased an album on iTunes called "Dezidle al Cavallero: Obras para vihuela y guitarra renacentista" by Fernando Espi, which I am enjoying listening to.  The guitar pieces (about 1/4 of the total) are not labelled as such in the track titles.

thank you!

Richard MacKenzie's "The Parisian Delight" is a very nice recording. Includes some renaissance guitar as well as lute.


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