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Hi everyone! 

Does anyone have recordings of the renaissance guitar to recommend? It's easy enough to find recordings of baroque guitar music, but I can't really find any recordings dedicated to the renaissance guitar. 

I have the following but in these the renaissance guitar is part of the general ensemble:

- Shirley Rumsey's two cds on Naxos.

- The Broadside Band's Il Ballarino.

- Piffaro's various cds.

I'd love to learn to use the renaissance guitar as an accompanying instrument, and was hoping to learn more from recordings. Does one simply treat it as a ukulele and strum along? 

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"Tabulatures de Guiterne" by Michael Craddock, Cantus 9632, 2005

thank you!

"Comiença la musica para guitarra", Massimo Lonardi, Stradivarius STR 33695, 2005. This is a very fine solo recording.

You might also be interesting in the CD "FANTASÍA Luys de Milán" by José Miguel Moreno and Eligio Quinteiro (Glossa GCD P30110, 2003), which has some arrangements of vihuela music for a duo of vihuela and renaissance guitar. Not a strictly historical approach, but certainly worth listening.

There are some examples of song accompaniment in Le Roy's "Tabulature de guiterre" #2 and #5, but I don't know of any recordings.

thank you!

thank you!

"Le Rocque 'n' Roll" by the Baltimore Consort features Renaissance guitar on several tracks.  I also recommend Jocelyn Nelson's CD "Ma Guiterre Je Te Chante", linked above, which includes both Ren. guitar solos and songs accompanied by Ren. guitar.

thank you!

Paul O'Dette is playing renaissance guitar in "le Jardin de Mélodies" (French songs, Harmonia Mundi)

http://www.amazon.com/Le-Jardin-Melodies-Century-French/dp/B0000007FQ (listen some tracks)

And Federico Marincola plays Guillaume Morlaye (Lute and Ren Guit.)


thank you!

Two of the first little guitars that I made were used for recordings in the 70s.  Unfortunately I can't give details because I have just presented my copies of the LPs to the Lute Society.  The second was by James Tyler's group and include his solos.  The first was the first of my instruments on a recording, and the only one devoted solely to one of my instruments.  It was issued by CNRS in Paris to celebrate one of Le Roy's anniversaries.  I think the title was 'La Guitarre Royalle'.  I can't really recommend it in the light of subsequent research!  The classically trained guitarist was Betho Davezac who played well but too fast. His song accompaniments were slower for the singer, whose name I cannot remember, and would have worked well, except that the singer was obviously from an operatic background with the wrong kind of voice.

thank you!

Nigel North plays two Mudarra pieces and two le Roy/Ballard pieces using the Renaissance guitar made by Peter in his "Guitar Collection" album.

Hopkinson Smith's "Alonso Mudarra Tres Libros De Musica En Cifras Para Vihuela" album contains five pieces for Renaissance guitar.

Michael Craddock posted a short performance of the Renaissance guitar on YouTube here:



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