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Dear friends,

I am searching for an edition, including the facsimile, of the Vihuela pieces found in the 16th century collection "Ramillete de flores" (1593).

Does anyone know where I can buy this book edited by Juan Jose Rey, or Javier Hinojosa?

Also, I am searching the anon. Differencias de Folias, found as a manuscript addition at the end of the Vienna copy of Silva de Sirenas by Valderrabano. This fantastic set of variations was recorded by Juan Carlos Rivera in his Cd Taner de gala (Cantus 9631).



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To the dear friend

"Ramillete de flores” (1593).
 though it is not  of hand to our regret yet.  It peels off and it goes out of the publisher "Al Puerto" of Madrid of  pane. The arrangement score and part original are recorded in http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110007147973 with a wonderful thesis though it is Japanese to our regret.  Please contact me if it is unavailable by all means because the facsimile music score of Valderrabano is CD-ROM.
Were you able to help you?

Thank you for the link to this transcription. -- R

Dear Shiki,

thank you for the link you have posted! The transcription is very helpful.


Dear Alexandros,


There is one, second hand, for sale at ZVAB.com


Good luck with it, Jelma van Amersfoort

Dear Jelma,

Thank you very much for the information.


Two copies at abebooks.  One from a Spanish dealer ($41) and other from an American dealer ($8r4).

Dear Mr. Ness,

Thank you for your information and interest.


I know it is a bit late in the day, but for those interested now, there is an online facsimile of the "ramillete de flores"  available here:


On the left of the page there are two halves to download, first pages 1-154, the second  155-308. The pieces are between pages 263-281, as numbered in the manuscript. So only the second half is needed to be downloaded.

Dear Yuri,

thank you very much for posting this fantastic link to the facsimile of Ramillete de flores!

It is so beautiful discovering vihuela tablatures in a collection of poems...



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