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Hi all!

So I've now had my Thomann BG for about 2 years now, and to be honest I've barely played it, but now that I'm actually getting into it, I am wondering about some of the mechanics.

I tend to play my renaissance lute at an angle that's only slightly up from horizontal, and am wondering if this will work for baroque guitar also. Videos on YouTube reveal quite a wide variation in playing position, from nearly horizontal to about 45 degrees. Is this really a matter of whatever one finds comfortable?

Also, I now have an endpin on the bottom. Where does one attach the other end of the strap? To a shoelace around the pegbox? I notice that this seems to make the shoelace rub against the strings going from the nut to the pegs, and am concerned this will affect the strings. Is putting another strap button somewhere on the neck block an option, like in more modern guitars?

Thanks for any insights!

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 To answer your question: sure, you can screw a button right behind the heel on the back if you really want to. The neck is attached to a block that is about 3/4 of inch thick. Most players just tie the end of the strap to the peghead.  What is the proper angle? Whatever works for you.

  Now that we've answered that , let me hijack your thread: Now that you've had your instrument for two years, has it "opened up and improved in the quality of the tone and volume?" 


hi Mel!

It's opened up only *slightly*, but that could be my imagination and my ears getting used to the volume of the thing. I still haven't gotten round to having it opened up and operated upon.

I'm wondering whether i should have it opend and operated upon, or whether I should buy one of the 'baroque' jaranas - it's about the same price, and I'm told the 'baroque' jaranas sound fabulous and loud. 


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