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19th Century Guitar
This 19th Century guitar is from the Guild of Luthiers known as Petit Jean.
It is fine sounding Romantic Guitar suitable for concerts or recording .
It stands out as distinctively made with a solid Maple back (unlike the veneer sometimes seen of birch on other instruments from this builder)
It was part of a fine collection of instruments that belonged to Luthier Gabriel Sousa in San Jose, California.
It bears stamp Paris and the name Lacote is etched above the stamp. .
I provide a modern case that fits well.
I am open to trades for this instrument.
I have a similar Petite Jean labeled as such and do not need to keep both.
For this reason I am selling this instrument that is well worth keeping.

You can call me at 415-647-4940 or send an email to stevesguitars@yahoo.com

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Hello Steven,

That is an attractive looking guitar. What do you mean by 'Guild of Luthiers known as Petit Jean'? Do you mean workshop of Petit-Jean?

Thanks, Jelma van Amersfoort

 yes  that is what  mean to say.

 Thanks  for the inquiry 415 647 4940


What is the price you are asking for this instrument?

best regards



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