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Original 19th century guitar for sale, excellent instrument

Anonymous French guitar by unknown maker

French guitar, c. 1820-1850. This is a player's instrument, with excellent intonation and a wonderful sweet sound. Also very smart-looking. Comes with the original fitted wooden case (!) which is pretty but rather heavy. The scale is ca. 62.5 cm (24.6 inches) so very comfortable.

I bought this instrument in London in 2012 (I think). The only thing I had fixed was the nut; is had been replaced by Sebastian Nuñez, who also adjusted the tuning pegs. The guitar is fully playable, but you could choose to have a full restoration for cosmetic or other reasons.

Sides and back are birds eye maple — the back is birds eye maple laminated onto spruce, the sides are solid maple. The soundboard is a very fine-grained spruce with some tiny historic repairs. Binding is ivory with a black line. The rose consist of concentric circles of (probably) ivory and a black material. The tuning pegs have been fitted and work extremely well. The mahogany neck has a slight v-profile. Later metal frets in good condition.

The instrument can be tried at my home in Amsterdam. I can ship it (at cost). I can make more photos on request. Please contact me (jelmaa@gmail) if you are interested. It is a lovely guitar. Asking price around 2.200 euros. 

See the instrument here

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I would be interested. Please contact me. Tell me too what you mean by "restauration by other reasons" :)



Hello Michel, yes, it is still available. By "restauration by other reasons" I meant some guitarists want an instrument to look perfect, like new, other players care more about sound or playability. You can email me on jelmaa@gmail.com. I could drop the asking price a little. Happy Christmas to you!

Hello. Is the guitar still to sell?




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