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Hello, as a new member, and not quite got the hang of the site yet, I will try to ask a question with photos. ( at the moment in my photos/ albums)

I have a guitar of 1830 onwards I think and I maybe totally wrong have a look and give me some advice. The person who found it added the 6 pegs as the strings were originally tied to the bridge. I back and sides have almost certainly been stripped and varnished (shame). 


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Bit of household ammonia will see to that. Just don't get it on the rest of the Guitar!

Ah I may well obtain some will ask my wee wife.

You might be interested to see the following pages http://myplace.frontier.com/~nostberg/chapter22/ also I have seen a Stauffer guitar almost identical in decoration to this in the Powerhouse museum in Sydney, they have a picture in their catalogue. It dates from 1805.

Interesting indeed. The one I have has those markings and shape, the head is similar to that sort of age. May be a lot newer though.

Update. I asked Eric Hofmann , after a suggestion by Tony, to view some photos and give me his opinion. He considers it to be German possibly from  Markneukirchen. It is inspired by the Viennese style. He also asked me to look for a makers mark inside on the upper block but sadly nothing there or anywhere else. (mirror and torch job) I have sent him a few more photos just in case. Not sure about age but after studying all the info that I have it is possibly mid 19th century.  

Anything more I will update.

Sorry should have read suggestion by Scot. 

Thanks all who helped me investigate where this guitar was made, by whom and the age.

I had another reply from Erik Hofmann and he said 1835 Markneukirchen. Probably C F Bauer.  

That is good enough for me I hope he forgives me for spelling his name wrong earlier post but a great result. 

Best wishes all, hans

As you can see from the photos some of the work around the bridge and below has been lost. I am a reasonable craftsman.

Any ideas how I could tackle making repairs. Is this ebony any advice welcome.


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