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I've tried some of Aquila'a new Nylgut type strings on one of my Romantic Guitars. These are the 3 plain unwound strings. The new type are a little less white in colour and do not seem to have the endless stretching issues of the older type (MK I). 

I think they are primarily aimed at modern Guitar players. Even though they are of the highly polished type of string I actually prefer them on sonic grounds alone, at least for Romantic Guitars. The MK I's always seemed to give a little bit of that 'plastic quack' sound - especially the thicker strings. Having said that I found the MK I's to be fine on lower tensioned instruments such as the Vihuela and Baroque Guitar.

Worth a try for those who don't use real Gut.

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Give them time! If you are ordering direct from Aquila, note that they have a minimum order of 40 Euro + IVA and shipping.

Hi Tony, are you living in Britain. If you are perhaps you could help me to get some Nylgut strings.  There is a Standard Chartered Bank here in Malaysia which is a British bank. If I send a bankdraft to you for the strings you could cash the bank draft at the bank in Britain or just bank into your account.

      Please let me know if you could help me in this purchase. If you can't do it then I need to find some other means of buying. I don't have a credit card that is one problem in buying on line.


Sure - I will send you a pm to arrange


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