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I've tried some of Aquila'a new Nylgut type strings on one of my Romantic Guitars. These are the 3 plain unwound strings. The new type are a little less white in colour and do not seem to have the endless stretching issues of the older type (MK I). 

I think they are primarily aimed at modern Guitar players. Even though they are of the highly polished type of string I actually prefer them on sonic grounds alone, at least for Romantic Guitars. The MK I's always seemed to give a little bit of that 'plastic quack' sound - especially the thicker strings. Having said that I found the MK I's to be fine on lower tensioned instruments such as the Vihuela and Baroque Guitar.

Worth a try for those who don't use real Gut.

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that's what I'm using on my Italian romantic guitar (the last Giuliani opus 100 #13 "Affetuoso" video )

Please excuse my ignorance, can I use "Nylgut" on my classical guitar and would they give different tones?  I often wonder what it would sound like to use Nylgut on my classical guitar. Please let me know soon thanks.

Aquila actually has some Classical guitar's sets with nylgut. Take a look here:


I am using nylgut on classical - it has a  bright and attractive sound, better for no-nails playing, as nails would make it sound even brighter. Less good for a mellow 'romantic' sound but good for renaissance and baroque ...for my taste anyway


Friends hate it!


I havent tried the new-nylgut yet

Hi there, it's so good to get some feedback from people using the nylgut.  Thanks Tonyyy for your reply to my enquiry.

      You don't mind let me have the website or the e-mail address so I order some and try it out.  Which one are you using? Please let me know the code so I can order the right one.

       Much obliged Tonyyy. Regards, Yong

I got mine from http://www.classical-guitars-plus.co.uk/productclass.php/class__384...


And stringsbymail seem to stock them in the USA.


I have used both Alchemia and Alabastro - I havent compared them directly though ; I was not aware that Alchemia is significantly better , at least on my guitar.

Once again thank you Tonyyy.  I have just send an e-mail to check the payment mode and air freight charge.

     I hope these Nylgut will give me a better tone to my classical guitar, not that my classical sound bad but I seem to like the baroque guitar tone better. So if these nylgut can give something similar I will like it. Anyway I just want to try them out and see how it goes.

You are welcome Yong Leong ; it is interesting to experiment, and the sound is certainly different. I prefer nylgut at a lower tension , maybe a semitone lower. Be careful that you dont have sharp edges on the bridge or nut as nylgut breaks more easily (I have had no problems though)

Is there no big guitar or early music shop in your country which would sell them? I think Aquila is  getting slightly better known now.

All the best Tony

Youg, if you would like to try Nylgut, you can just purchase the treble strings at first.


I've also tried Nylgut trebles (older type) on my modern classical guitar and I didn't find any significant discrepansy with the ubiquitous D'addario bass strings (at least good enough to see how I felt).


String By Mail sells single strings as well as treble set separately (Alchemia and Alabstro shares the same trebles).  I've bought strings from them several times and found them very friendly and prompt.  Highly recommended!


P.S.  It would be better for you to make sure if the shop has the newer type in stock before you place the order.

Thank you Akira for your informations.  By the way do you how much Makoto Tsuruta (crane) charge for the baroque guitar that he builds?

    I am just curious and would like to know if it is within my budget.

    Thank you once again. Good day.

You are welcome, Yong. 


Yes, I've met Makoto a couple of times at Handcraft Guitar Festival held annually in Tokyo.  Unfortunately, he states he likes to stay amateur who builds what he feel like building and doesn't take orders on a regular basis.

I e-mail Aquila to order the Nylgut strings but I got no reply.  In Malaysia where I live there is no early music shop at all.  For me to be interested in Early Music especially baroque guitar and baroque guitar music is really a pain in the behind.  Because you just could n't get what you need. But I do get the CD so I could listen to some classical guitar baroque music and the real baroque guitar on the internet only.

Now I am desperate to get the Nylgut strings just to try them out. I wonder if I could send some money to someone and they could mail them to me. I would have to send the money through the bank.

    I never knew baroque guitar music sounds so beautiful. I thought classical guitar was good but baroque guitar music is even better.


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