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Yesterday I ordered my new replica of a Panormo guitar at Tiendas Latinas.


I have decided for a Maple back and sides and 63,5 cm scale length and 48 mm nut width.

I am still unsure if I better had ordered a 63,0 cm instead, but I can't find anything on internet giving me the best advice to order a 63,0 of 63,5 cm scale length.


I will show you the pictures when I receive my new instrument (planned end of may 2010).



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Congratulations! Longer stringlengths often sounds better, but 5 mm is not so much difference :-)
Congrats on your 19th century guitar. I'm always glad to see people taking an interest in playing the much loved 19th century repertoire on the appropriate instrument.

As far as the choice of string length, I doubt one would notice any real difference in the sound of a well made instrument if the stringing is 630 or 635mm, all other things being equal. I usually build my Panormo instruments at 633mm which translates to about 635mm with compensation, for the sole reason that is the string length of the original instruments that I took my patterns from.

From what I have been able to assertain (please note I have not done an exhaustive research into this) the differing string lengths often had more to do with a players physical preference than acoustic properties of the longer string length. For example Legnani and Regondi both mention prefering a shorter string length in their instruments to facilitate longer stretches. Much like todays performers often chose an instrument not only on sound, volume but playability (string length) as well.

Maple is also a good choice for the body as that was often the prefered tone wood according to players like Sors, Aguado and the like. In my experience the bright clean tone of maple suites the 19th century asthetic better than the :darker" albeit "warmer" tone of rosewood.

I look forward to seeing photos when the instrument arrives.
Thank you Scot for your clear answer. The facilitation of longer stretches is very important indeed!
Good to hear, Daan! I also have a Panormo guitar from Tiendas Latinas and Martin Zalapa, and I am amazed both by the beauty and the sound quality for such a comparatively inexpensive instrument.

Looking forward to your photos!

Best wishes


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