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le Roy's guitar books, very helpfully, have tables of contents. Morlaye's books, unhelpfully, do not seem to have the same. 

trying to find a piece means having to flip through all four books, and is a bit of a pain. has anyone put together a list of the contents anywhere? if not, i'll do one and share it, but naturally i prefer not to reïnvent the wheel if someone's already got it somewhere. 

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This could be useful, however the Chanterelle facsimile does have the (original?) owner's script list of contents before each title page - legible only partially to me, at least!  According to Jim Tyler's preface a complete list is in H.M.Brown's "Instrumental Music...." if you or a nearby library have a copy.  Certainly I'd like a printed contents even if my copy does open automatically to the pieces which I CAN play!

Here is a spreadsheet I put together awhile ago for my own use, listing the contents of the 5 Le Roy / Brayssing books and the four Morlaye / Gorlier books for Renaissance guitar.  I have the various Ren. guitar books in PDF form only, so the spreadsheet references PDF pages.  I'm afraid many of the titles, as provided in the facsimiles, are not very descriptive (Gaillarde, Gaillarde, Gaillarde, ...) but nevertheless this may be helpful as a starting point.



i can now number the pages according to your spreadsheet :D

Glad I could help :)

Thank you Lisa!

This spreadsheet is really useful, thanks for compiling it!

hi lisa, such a lot of work! thank you for sharing!


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