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Here's my take on a modern baroque guitar that I've just finished.

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From the front view, your decorations on soundboard and soundholes seems to me a battente guitar. As well as the 10 metal frets.


Well, I did make a few changes to make it 'modern'. The metal frets are one. Many baroque guitars I've seen have 10 or 11 frets to the body, rather than the 12 of the modern classical guitar, but of course this may well be due to how far up the neck it is possible to tie gut frets. of course many baroque guitars were converted to Chitarra Battentes too. The two are very much related, but I do see the resemblance now you mention it.

The soundhole design and decorations were influenced mainly by the Viola de Queluz from Brazil: http://www.juniordaviolla.com.br/violadequeluz.jpg


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