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Probably not a guitar method with anything new to tell us but quite an unusual guitar depicted on page 14 of the pdf linked here.


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Hi Martin, good to see you back here :-) I belive that that is one of the violin-shaped guitars that Francesco Molino designed. There are a few of them in museums here and there. 

In fact, this is a picture of 'Mademoiselle N[atalie] H[ouzé], élève la plus forte de Mr. F[rançois] M[olin]o', as it is stated in the caption. This same lithograph is found in some copies of Molino's Methods Opp. 33, 46 and 48. Molino dedicated his Op. 51 to this young lady; Sor his Opp. 39, 42 and 54, as well as an autograph Fantaisie for solo guitar. It is very interesting that Meissonnier used the picture for his own Method, at least for this second edition. Does anyone know if the picture is also found in the first edition, from 1823? (Stenstadvold, pp. 137-8)

The guitar is of the type that is described in Molino's Methods Opp. 33 and 46; it has a number of violinistic characteristics.

Jan Burgers


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