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Looking for Rolf Lislevand CD "Encuentro Sanz y Santa Cruz"



I am new to this forum and looking forward to seeing what's here.  I had a quick question that you all might be able to help me with: I am looking for an out-of-print CD by Rolf Lislevand entitled "Encuentro Sanz and Santa Cruz."  Can anyone help me out?



Roger Landes


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Hello, welcome to the forum!


As of this writing, there are several shops in amazon.com offering used ones:


The problem would be that the cheapest one is 48.97 USD ("like new" condition, though).


Another shop on amazon.de offers a new one for 27.99 EUR:



Hope this would be of any help.  I have no relationship with amazon, but they have been good place to look for discontinued or rare CDs of early music and prog rock.  I've bought many of discontinued CDs by Hopkinson Smith there.

You can also download it from here:


It's much cheaper than buying a used CD on Amazon if you don't mind MP3.

This is an excelent album and I'm saddened to hear it is out of print. Luckily it is still available for download. Track 17 is my absolute favorite version of Sans' Canarios. Amazing playing.

Thanks Mark.  Apparently that site was down for the last day or so but I got on this evening and was able to download it.


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