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Dear Early guitars and Vihuela members,

I've spent wonderful hours with my Stauffer Legnani model made by Jan Tulacek. When I visited Jan Tulacek in 2015 to pick it up, I instantly fell in love with the characteristic and rich sound. Due to lack of time I am not able to play regularly on the romantic guitar anymore and decided to sell my well looked-after instrument.


•The guitar was built in 2015 and picked up by me (first owner)

• 640mm string length, which is perfect for solo repertoire of Mertz, Giuliani, Coste, For etc. (compared to the 610mm option)

• "hidden" Pegheds mechanics/tuner- they look authentic, but with the mechanics the guitar is easy to tune

• wonderful warm tone and colors which can hardly be accomplished with modern guitars. Therefore very authentic sound when playing Legnani, For, Giuliani, Mertz etc.

•The fretboard has 22 frets and is floating. Therefore the top can vibrate even when playing on the highest frets. The top is spruce and the back is made of maple. Included is a key, which allows to adjust the angle of the neck to your preference and a wooden case, which Jan Tulacek included with the guitar.

I am the first owner of the guitar, and treated the instrument always well and has few signs of usage.

Price: 2300€, the handmade tailored woodcase is included in the price!

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Where is the guitar? What is the string tension?


Hallo Julian, hatte dich vor zwei Wochen per sms kontaktiert, da die Gitarre auch auf einer anderen Site angeboten war. Leider keine Antwort erhalten. Ist die Gitarre noch zu haben ? Wenn nicht, dann wäre eine kleine Mitteilung durchaus angebracht. Andreas

Hello Julian,

ist your romantic guitar still on offer?

Best regards


Hi Julian, 

Are you still selling your Stauffer replica? 




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