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Hi...  Title says it all.  I just helped translate a web site for an early music/dance festival in Almeria, Spain -- it looks really good, and If I can get the free time I intend to go.  So, if I post this on the calendar, am I effectively spamming the community?  Just wondering about the protocol here...


Cheers                 cud

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Which calendar section on the site? Are you referring to the part under "Events" on the left side of the main page?



Yes...  I guess I'm asking about the type of events that was intended for...



As one of the co-administrators for this site, I have to say -- I have no idea! (Rob MacKillop started this site but has since moved on.)


I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest you go ahead and add it. So few people are using the Events section anyway, so we might as well start. We can always clarify later if it becomes a problem.



I don't mind, as long as the event is (partly) about early guitars or vihuelas!


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