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We are selling a collection of early guitars consisting out of a renaissance guitar, baroque guitars and a vihuela all coming from an inheritance in Madrid. 
Makers Uncilla, Hazenfuss, Barber, Schreiner and van de Geest.
Seriously interested can turn to me for more info.
No golddiggers please. 


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How much for the vihuela and the renaissance guitar? 

Here is a price list. I am sorry, but I cannot reply on requests for more than one instrument at a time. Please only serious requests. 


Chris, it would help if you would post some images here, like you did on Facebook. Not everyone here wants to be on Facebook, but instruments are being sold here regularly. Thanks, Jelma

Photos of a Barber Hazenfuss and possibly Uncilla. Prices 4500 , 2500 and on request. 
Interested will have to write me for more info. I will answer. 
I am sorry for the inconvenience but photos by Facebook is less time demanding. 

If the Uncilla is 2500


 Please confirm 

 415 647490

I am easy to find on Facebook

Is the vihuela still for sale?

 please let me know about the baroque guitar you have

 by Uncilla

Steven Stein


 Am looking for Vihulea  or Baroque  guitar   PLEASE let me know please

I would like to answer you , but this medium is too limited to send any photo's. Please go to my Facebook and ask your question there and I will send you the list of what we have. 
There are still several baroque guitars available. 

Kindest regards,


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