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I wonder if anybody can direct me to a source of punches for making the tiny holes in the parchment of a guitar rose?

All the commercial punches I have found so far go no smaller than 2mm and I'd really like to go down a step from that.



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As a matter of interest, has anybody found a good source of animal parchment in useful sizes?  It seems a waste to buy banjo heads and throw away so much.

I found someone with a few offcuts from replacing drum skins  - seems good for some experimenting. Nothing too ambitious though. I like the simplicity of  Cogg's desigh

Hi, I have used this Turkish supplier for parchment.


Cukurcuma Caddesi No:19/C

Beyoglu 34425 Istanbul

Tel:0212 252 22 06

Fax:0212 252 22 07





You are looking for sheepskin Parchment of around 0.2 mm. If you mention Parchment roses they are familiar with your needs. It isn't cheap, real parchment is very durable stuff but avoid getting any water directly on the surface. 

It is difficult to glue, you will need to size before gluing any layers. Too much glue and the Parchment becomes glossy. In my experience it's easier to produce a gummed surface (think gummed envelope) rather than spreading glue on the surface and bringing the two pieces together.

Small parts .com  has a variety of  stainless steel tubing and hypodermic steel tubing. MUch better than using brass. 

Thanks!  The Japanese screw punch worked pretty well.

One word:  Talas.  www.talas.com  they sell parchment.  Archival supplies as well!



Yes, make your own.  Steel tubing.  Cut the tubing.  Sharpen the end.  Cut a shorter piece of rod to slip-fit into the tube.  Glue, braze, solder or pin the rod in as a sort of ferrule to take the countless taps with a chasing hammer you'll be delivering!



I just finished another small rose for a very small scale 4 course renaissance guitar, 360mm (for traveling over the holidays).  And in the process I remembered that applying a very wet coat of blond shellack makes the vegetable parchment (watercolor paper) a bit translucent (more like animal parchment).  This also seals the paper from any future problems or leaching from the wood or dirt /spills in the future.

Thanks for the tip.  The process should help the durability of the paper.


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