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I want to upload this movie of Ishar Elias. I get the reply that i use a wrong url. Can somebody help me upload this link?



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It seems to work fine for me, Daan. Maybe try again or type it in rather than copy and paste. That has worked when I have had that issue...computers get confused easily.

Hoi Daan

I just posted (a link to) Izhar's lovely video on the 'videos' tab.

Best wishes, Jelma

I've never seen this gentilman live, don't really know much about him and his work, so I need to ask if he programs his concerts around various guitars? I see he has a modern instrument and what appears to be a 19th century on stage with him and his baroque guitar.  I know he plays them from his videos so if he does, good for him! I'd like to see one of his concerts, for sure.

Thank you Jelma. I didn't think to look here to see if he was a member. I can ask him myself...even better.


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