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Help needed! Technical drawings from Cite de la musique Paris museum

The Paris museum doesn't sell copies of the drawings of musical instruments for some time now (they have problems with company that cares for the plans, or at least they say this).

Does someone has the drawing (and would be willing to sell the copy) for Jacob Stadler baroque guitar from 1620 (previously anonymous italian on their website, drawn by Pierre Abondance) and their Voboam guitars?



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I have one of the Voboam drawings, which I purchased some 15 years ago. The print was a little faint even when it was new. It's probably in worse condition now. I'll have to dig it out and see what it's like.

Great, thank you. If you could scan it that would be great, I'll pay for the scanning and your trouble of course. 

Does anyone has also a drawing by Pierre Abondance of anonymous italian/Stadler guitar?


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