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Hi there,



I'm looking for a hardshell case for my baroque guitar. This guitar was made from an old portuguese viola da terra body. I'm a multi-instrumentist and carry in average of 3 to 4 instrument to my gigs so weigth is an issue. I'm trying to find the closest fit for my guitar. I don't want to put it  in a regular classical guitar case with extra padding.


I saw on the web some hard shell case for requintos. Anybody have tryed that?


What do you guys use to carry your baroque guitar?





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I just finished building a vihuela based on an 1816 "salon guitar", which fits into a parlor guitar case that I bought from Elderly Instruments. The case is made in Canada, and well-made at that. The dimensions are given in the product description on their site.
Thanks Mark,

I'll check that with great attention. Did you add some extra padding or it wasn't necessary?
The chances of gaining a snug fit with a Vihuela/Baroque Guitar/Romantic guitar are slim. Of course you can pad it out and it makes for a cheaper alternative to the custom made cases. The case in the link is the TKL 7875 Parlour that retails for around $90 US or considerably more in Europe.
I often use those cases for my 19th century guitars. My wife makes a little pillow that is included which helps keep the guitars from moving around and as an added bonus is useful to rest the upper bout on when play "al la Sor" with a table or more common (and better I might add) on your knee.

They are a little rare but well worth the search. This fellow carries them as well, http://www.thinmanmusic.com/

The odd thing is that they are made in Canada and I live in Canada but I cannot seem to get them here...what's up with that??
Scott, why not contact TKL directly? They were willing to sell direct to myself but even with 10 units, shipping, tax and import duties it wasn't feasible. In fact it pretty much worked out the same cost as retail in the UK - and that's about double the price of the US/Canada.
I did try that a few years agos, Michael and was directed to contact a local dealer. Not really a big deal as I have a good relationship with the local guys and it`s good to see TKL supports their dealers.

But thanks for bringing up that point. I`ll try again and see what the results are.
Another case which is almost identical, to the ones mentioned above, (looks to me like they are made by the same company) but slightly smaller are the cases that come with the Canadian made La Patrie Motif Parlor guitars. I've not been able to get them directly from La Patrie (one would have to order a truck load basically) but my local retail music store can order them no problem. That would have to be a store that carries La Patrie products, I'm guessing.

Check the Dealer Listing at the lower right hand corner of their web page to find "a dealer nearest you". They will be able to get the case for you.

I went to my local La patrie dealer and ask about the parlor motif case. He check into his database and it said that the recommended case was a deluxe trick parlor case. Unfortunately my baroque guitar didn't fit in that one. The little close pocket under the neck was too long.

They had the "Canadians" parlor case in stock, the one sold by Elderly instrument and Thinmanmusic. With a small towel and a bit of foam it fit perfectly. I got it for 70$ a very good deal if you ask me.

Here is the result:
Thanks everyone!

Sorry I didn't answer your question-been away from this forum for awhile. I do have to pad the case a little. In fact it is exactly like you have in your picture. It's the same case! I also think it's a good deal. It seems to be a really well made case, and I'm happy to patronize a Canadian company, and a local Michigan retailer to boot.


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