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Hello all

I'll buy a renaissance guitar in the near future, but i'm not willing to spend more than around 1000 english pounds.

I've been looking at the Haddock renaissance guitar from the early music shop, and I like the design - it's not just a small baroque guitar (which I already have) - and of course the price.

Living in Denmark i'm unable to try it out, som I'm asking if anyone has any experience with the guitar or have tried it out?

You can contact me private on: mir@godmail.dk

all the best Michael 

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Hello Michael, for a bit more (ca. 1200 GBP/1500 Euros) you can have a hand made instrument by Alexander Hopkins: http://www.hopkinslutes.com/index.html and probably other makers, if you shop around. Try Marcos Kaiser Mori.

Hi Michael

It is nearly a year now and I am wondering if you have found a renaissance guitar?

I myself am looking for an early guitar. I would value any comments you may have on the

instruments you considered and the one you settled on. The early music shop one does

look very nice but the sound ...?

Thanks very much


I had a chance to try one at the Oude Muziek festival in Utrecht this year (EMS/Haddock, I mean). The model looked slightly different from the one shown on their website. Actually, it looked nicer, with the rose carved directly in the soundboard, without any parchment layer; the body shape was also a little bit different (less "rounded"), as far as I can remember; alternating dark and light stripes on the back. The instrument was well made, comfortable neck, seemed quite responsive with decent sound, but not very loud (although it was a bit noisy at the exhibition, so I hesitate to judge the sound quality). The height of the strings above the soundboard was a bit low for me, somewhat limiting the amplitude, but probably not critical...


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