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Greatest private collection of antique 7-string ("russian gipsy") guitars

The greatest private collection of antique 7-string guitars (with photos and detailed descriptions) collected by ‘russian gipsy’ Ivan Bariev is presented on the site as follows

(unfortunately the text on this site is in Russian only):

Russian luthiers –


Foreign luthiers (Stauffer, Scherzer, Weisberger, Bittner, Chenk etc etc) -


To his big regret Ivan himself  plays a little 6-string guitar only … just like me! :-)


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Thanks Stuart!

In the culture of Russian Gypsies the 7-string guitar has sacral meaning, almost like icon for all Russians. That’s why this collection is widely supported by the Gypsy Community of Russia where Ivan Bariev is one of the leaders.

 In the video devoted to the presentation of this collection which take place in Moscow in 2007 уou cаn see some of these guitars (and hear the sound):



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