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Hi everybody,

I'm selling my 1838 Romantic Guitar by the well known German Luthier Stephan Thumhart. Very nice piece! Worldwide shipping possible! For questions please send me a PM!

Here some images:

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If your serious about selling this guitar why not state the price. When I try to send you a PM it’s not possible unless we are friends on this site and when I send you a friends request you don’t respond! So I I wonder why you advertised this!

Sorry, it seems that you can't see friend requests in the mobile version... now accepted!

There's not much available in the net from Stephan Thumhart. Sic_ca_s Guitars have sold one from him for 3999€. But this is not realistic in my eyes. Let's be open: I'm ready to sell it for a realistic and fair price but have to try to get the best out of it. At the moment I have decided to start with 3000€ and see what happens. But I'm really open for every offer. And looking back I can say that I have always found a good middle with the buyer when I sold something in the past :)

So, if you think this piece could be something for you, just let's get in touch and we find a solution :)

Again: Just get ne your offer!


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