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I will be going to South France on vacation soon. Close to Perpignan.

I would like to know what my chances are to find some antique stringed instruments i various shops or "fleamarkets". 

I found it possible in Denmark, but i assume France is different. 

Does anyone have some experience in this field?

- Frederik

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First of all best wishes for your holidays, hope you will enjoy the south of France.

That said, and though I don't want to sound negative or to spoil your hopes, it's very unlikely that you may find anything valuable on a french flea market, for at least one simple reason : the professional antiquarians are known to roam every flea market between 6 and 8 PM, well before the average costumers, in order to get the best bargains. So the left items are mostly second choice, with very few musical instruments. Of course, you may find old guitars and maybe some pre-war mandolins amongst which some may be interesting — but the majority will need serious fixes to make them playable. Anyway, good luck !



Thank you for your response. Yes, it seems difficult to find anything. All I have found so far is 3 tunepegs I believe to be for a guitar.


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