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Years ago, as a conservatory student, I played the Sor sonata op.15b. At the time I played a modern edition, by Scheit (if I remember...)

I think this piece worths a more mature study, and I started digging in facsimiles.
I would like to know if the Salvador Castro version published in his "Journal de Musique Etrangère" is a good source. There are some differences between this edition (the first) and by Meissonier. Generally speaking, is Castro a reliable source or he was somewhat "creative" regarding the pieces of other composers published in the Journal?

Rui Namora

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Are you familiar with this paper on the subject by Stanley Yates? It might be of some help.


Hello Scott. Thank you for your reply,

After posting this question, I found this same Yates paper and it was very helpful, indeed. Also found In Brian Jeffery's notes to the Sor complete works (vol 2)

Jeffery's position gives more credit to the first edition by Castro, and ignores the Meissonier edition, which he considers untrustworthy.

After reading both versions, I also prefer the first one.
The "Journal de Musique étrangère" is available online in the French Online Library, Galica.

here is the link

the sonata is on the page 261

well, here it is, already extracted



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