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Could anyone direct me to any early to mid 19th Century pieces for guitar and two voices?  In particular, I would like to find pieces for tenor and mezzo-soprano, or tenor and soprano.  Being able to access pdf files would be especially helpful, or to know who sells any collections.

Thanks for any help folks might be able to send.

Thomas Tallant

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Hi Thomas, There are many duets for soprano, tenor and guitar from the 19th century, however, most of them are from France. You can find a few for free here: http://www.kb.dk/en/nb/samling/ma/digmus/1800/coll_voix_guit.html

 I can't think immediately of any English ones. There is a Scottish duet in Holst's Scottish songs, published by Tecla. 

There are wonderful duets for two singers and guitar by Mauro Giuliani, published in his collected works, also by Tecla editions, and duets by Giovanni Franceso Giuliani (!) published by Ut Orpheus Edizioni.  

You could also have a look at Sor's Seguidillas for two and three voices (Tecla again). 

Good luck with your project!

Thank you, Jelma; this is very helpful.


Jelma, when you say Holst's Scottish songs, which Holst is this? I assume not Gustav. I think Gustav arranged some English folk songs?


Henrik Rung (1807-71) wrote two sets of Italian duets. Available from the royal Library in copenhagen kb.dk. I made an editions years ago. It will take some time to get hold on them because of corona.

Thank you Jens. If you can find the pieces later, please let me know (tallant57@gmail.com).


I think I have the Rung duets. I will email them to you.


Thank you very much.



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