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Hi, Ive been around here pretty much since the sites inception, supporting it and using it for research as the need arises.

Initially I was drawn to it by Rob Makillop after seeing him perform the Milles Regretz piece on Alexander Batov's Homepage, I believe on one of Mr Batovs Dias viheulas


since seeing Mr Makillop perform the piece I Ive always wanted to play this piece on a regular guitar.

Ive not found anything on the net other than a tab and was looking for a standard guitar notation for it.

I wanted to ask if anyone out there had one they could part with or even perhaps direct me to one.

Tab plus Notation would be ideal but I can work with the regular guitar notation aswell.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

I have enjoyed this sight  for its info, pics and entertainment over the years and want to thank everyone for their input regardless if I can find the transcript or not.


William Bustard


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I have realized there are very different arrangements so much so To me It seemed there were two very different pieces.


The Cancion Del Emperador is readily available and everywhere on the internet.





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