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Does anyone know of this maker? I'm guessing he/she was one of the many luthiers from the Miracourt in France. I can attach a photo if that would help. I'm using it in a concert soon, and wanted to be able to say a few words a out it.

Thanks, James.

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Hi James, there is a luthier called Cabasse Vissenaire, if you google him you you will get some results.... I believe he was mentioned also in a book by the Sinier-de Ridders. Besides that I have also seen a guitar signed 'Cabasse' only. 

See: http://vichyencheres.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/livre-la-guitare-tome-2/

And: http://www.sinier-de-ridder.com/guitares/cabasse-visnaire_eng.html

I hope that helps, Jelma

Thank you Jelma and Scot.  I am attaching some photos.  I'm wondering if the fact that it has machine tuners can help date it more accurately?  The conservator is placing it at 1830, but I can't see a date anywhere.  The frets appear to be modern, but it's hard to tell.  Any comments or thoughts are welcome.  It is a very good sounding instrument, to my ears anyway.  




Cabasse-Visnaire is mentioned in the Sinier de Ridder book on the Mirecourt luthiers. I also think there was a different maker Vissenaire mentioned in the same book.


They (the Sinier de Ridders) show up here every so often but maybe contact them. They've always been most helpful whenever I've had occassion to email them.

Two more photos



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