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Are these 'parlour' guitars or are they really romantic guitars?



I found a webiste selling old guitars at low prices - some of them are called parlour guitars but appear to be late 19c romanitc guitars. I was thinking of buying one but I am worried that if people have put metal strings on them they will be in a bad state. Would be interested if anyone has a view on these:







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Dear Richie, the terminology as to what is a romantic and what is a parlour guitar is not very fixed, both terms are frequently used for later 19th century (and other) guitars. I agree that some guitars on that site appear to be from around 1900 judging from their style, and could/should be played with gut strings.

If you want to make sure the instruments have no damage from steel strings, why not go and visit this dealer? And otherwise, ask for more photos and details, or ask for the right to return the guitar when it is not as specified...

Good luck with this and keep us posted, Jelma


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