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British Library has launched a webpage with Facsimiles of 300 Volumes with early music - 16th century. Among them Le Roy's 5 books for Rennaissance Guitar - which for long have been out of print. For Renaissance Guitar check also the Lutebook of Barberiis with the 4 Fantasies on the last pages. And of course a lot of Lute Music - probably all of Da Milano, Melchior de Barbariis, Bianchini, Phalese and some in German tab, etc...



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Facsimiles of the Renaissance guitar books by Morlaye and Gorlier are available online at http://www.guitareclassiquedelcamp.com/partitions/facsimile.html, along with several other facsimile books for 4-c and 5-c guitar.


I started transcribing Adrian Le Roy's First Book of Tablature for Guitar into modern tablature for my own use and decided to publish my efforts to make these pieces more widely available.  From there, I just kept going and have now finished all five books as well as the four pieces from Barberis and the two songs and 6 fantasias from Fuenllana all for the 4 course Renaissance guitar.  These can all be found at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/renaissancemusic  I  am working on converting these books to downloadable PDF books to make them a little cheaper and more widely available.   I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do.


Michael, I just checked your link, and the PDF version is not available. Are you still offering it, and have you made any progress on the others?

I took down the pdf of Adrian Le Roy's first book of Tablature for the guitar as it appeared no one was interested.  There are, however, all five books published by Le Roy, Fuenllana's pieces, Barberis, Mudarra and the Italian lute songs of Giacomo Gorzanis transcribed for four-course renaissance guitar.  I'm working on Morlaye and Phalese and hope to have these completed fairly soon.  I have been somewhat distracted with pieces I have transcribed for the Baritone ukulele which, I think, is so very similar in size etc to the Renaissance guitar.  These include pieces  by Fernando Sor and Johan Kaspar Mertz as well as a collection of compositions from the Romantic period and a collection of pieces from 16th through the 19th century.  These can all be found on my page at Lulu

http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/renaissancemusic  I also have started a facebook page:  Music in Tablature for Ukulele and Guitar  I've posted a few samples there of some of the pieces from the books.

Completed Guillaume Morlaye's first book of tablature for the Renaissance guitar.  It may be found at the following Link:


I am uploading the two fantasies and  Je Cherche Autant Amour in PDF format.  I would appreciate any comments, corrections or critiques.




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