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I recently stumbled upon Charles Wolzien's site and I'm left to wonder why it has not been discussed here yet.

Here are, free to download, three big anthologies of renaissance, early and late baroque guitar music. Everything is in staff notation, which may be frustrating at first sight, but proves to be very useful when it comes to pieces originally written in alfabeto, transcribed here with accurate rhythm. 

This is a great body of musicology, with precious insights and surveys which span over 700 pages, just enough to keep you busy for a lifetime. This generous work deserves congratulations. Here's the link : http://www.earlyguitaranthology.com/



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The site asks for an email address before anything can be seen or accessed... also, staff notation?

Dear Jelma,

Strange. I'm in France and from here both the site and the downloads can be accessed directly, without any need to register. 

Regarding the staff notation, I consider it's always useful to get a deeper understanding of what the tabs do not convey : voice-leading, notes duration, intricate polyphony, and so one. 

Bear in mind that's it's not a performing edition but a scholar one, as such it has its limitations, but it might as well be a good basis for the performer. 

For a long time I studied Robert de Visée from the Robert Strizich edition, which is perfectly legit when you compared to the original tabs.



Hi Gilles, you were right! It is possible to leave the email field blank and yet download the document. I am reading it right now. Thanks!

Thanks for pointing out this very valuable body of work!  This will be so helpful if only for the performance suggestions.


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