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Rather nice slide show of some original instruments, some wonderful examples. The Bergonzi (I assume) is a relative of the Carlo Bergonzi who was supposedly taught by the great Strad, at least it's the right surname and right town.
Click on the 3rd icon from the right (lower right of screen), that starts the slide show.


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Very impressive... and she plays beautifully too...
Yes, this Carlo Bergonzi is the grandson of the famous Carlo Bergonzi you mentioned
I've only just realised. It's your slideshow Brigitte! So, I'm going to assume that you own the Bergonzi? It seems that the sons and grandsons turned their backs on Violin making in favour of Guitarmaking. Panormo is another obvious example. Just as well they did!
I have heard Laprevotte was making violins too in Marseille, then go to Paris and made guitars.


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