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I'm an italian collector of antique guitars. I'm searching guitars from Stauffer and Lacote. If someone has news, please send a message.

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Some web site (musical treasures for example) propose such guitars, but there are also other very fine makers, at this time, less known (so less expensive) to look for. Depending if you are looking for good guitars to play or to do business on known names... (then you will not be alone I'm afraid)
Val ;-)
Hello Val,
I'm collector of antique guitars. Also player, but for me are important the great luthiers. And Lacote or Stauffer are very important in the guitar history.
Ok, so did you try this one :
they often have Lacote, Panormo and other famous names... (and famous prices too...)
And also http://sinierderidder.free.fr/pages/main.html, they have two Lacote for sale and a Guillaume Martin (very close quality to Lacote) and beautiful other guitars...
Good luck
Val ;-)
Have you bought the Sinier book yet Val? Covers French guitarmaking from the Voboams right through to Bouchet. I'm still saving up my pennies or rather Euro cents. It could take some time.
I haven't and I have heard of a new one coming...
I known all these web sites and I have bought the Sinier book. I known also these prices... I think are very expensives. For be honest I would buy from a private person.


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