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As you know many Romanceros are sung with the vihuela. There is a great site on the internet with for example a tablature by Narvaez(Paseab(v)ase el rey moro" and the Romanceros linked.
"De Antequera sale el moro"(Fuenllana) has great Romanceros on the same subject. But I did not find it linked on this site.
Another "gem" is "Conde Claros"...
Do you think it is worth contacting the owner of this great site with all these Romanceros (hundreds, thousands) to connect them to these vihuela (I do not know the number of vihuela versions) ?
What is interesting is that the vihuela songs are too short to really explain
what is on. So, the Romanceros from which they come, explain it all.
I just dream of a vihuela Romanceros song book with all the texts (bilingual : for example in Spanish and English), or at least the main texts, concerning the songs, added.

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I tend to transcribe old codices and print them out.

I just uploaded De ante sale el moro  on Musescore (By the way, it's by Moralez. Fuenllana collected multiple pieces into one book).

It's in Italian tablature with the (alto) vocals as far as I could decipher them. If you see errors, do comment. One part especially was.. iffy.



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