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I'm selling my 19th century guitar Ussano, Napoli, 1858.

This guitar is an original and have been restored by Sinier & De Ridder.

It plays very well and sounds beautiful. The sound is typical of the sound of italian 19th century guitars, very generous. It's the most beautifull 19th guitar I've played (end I tried a lot of 19th century guitars).

This guitar has been used professionnaly in concerts and recordings. I'm selling it because I'm not using it anymore.

You can try it in France, in the city called Tours. I can also meet you in Paris if you are very intersested.

I ask 3500€ for this one, it's a good price.

More details, informations and pictures on demand by private message.

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Hi Florian,

I'm in the US, is there anyway to hear a recording of this beautiful guitar?

Hi Brandon,

Yes, you can hear some samples, but in duet with an other guitar (somtimes a french terz guitar, and sometimes with an austrian guitar) on this site :


You sould go in the media player and search some samples of the album "a 19th century viennese salon".If you are interested I can also record a smple of the sound of this guitar in solo with a h4 recorder.

We can also meet us on skype if you wish see and hear the guitar by webcam.

Let me know. I can send the guitar in the uS without extra charges (3500€ with the shipping costs included hard gutiar case and shipping with insurance).

Best regards,



The recordings are wonderful! Your Goldberg aria & variations are stunning.  I am interested but do need to hear the guitar on its own.  Could you possibly record a sample from a 19th century work (maybe Legnani/Mertz)?

Thank you for your quick reply!


Hi Brandon,

So I send you a short recording of Giuliani's "La Melancholia". It's made with an H4 recorder and the sound is in reality a little bit more clear than in the recording. Let me know what you think about this.

I hope you'll enjoy.




ça m'intéresserait d'essayer cette guitare  - je suis à Paris: est-ce possible un de ces jours?


Rémi Cassaigne


Il est toujours possible d'essayer cette guitare. En ce moment je suis un peu pris pour passer exprès sur Paris, mais il y a deux solutions : soit vous passez ici à tours (je peux faire l'aller-retour à la gare pour vous véhiculer jusqu'à chez moi), soit vous attendez que je monte à paris (normalement fin mars début avril).

Dans tous les cas ce sera avec plaisir,

à bientôt


bonjour, merci de cette réponse. Surtout, ne venez pas exprès à Paris. Mais si vous avez l'occasion de monter, faites-moi signe - fin mars je devrais être dans les parages. Il m'arrive aussi de me rendre à Tours, mais rien de prévu dans les prochaines semaines. Je suis intéressé d'essayer cette guitare en regard de ma Monzino de 1810, pour cultiver mon oreille sur ces instruments italiens finalement assez rares...


Hello Florian,

is this guitar still for sale?

Best regards,


Hello John,

Yes it is. The other possible customers didn't finalise the project.

Let me know if you're interested.best regards


Hello Florian,

at the moment I'm more of a lute player playing without nails.

I miss the guitar repertoire and am looking for an instrument that suites playing without nails.

Do you have any experience in this direction?

How loud is this romantic guitar compared with modern guitars?

Does it suit the repertoire of Sor?

Best regars,


Hi John,

In the XIX century you know of course that some people played with nails and other without naisl on guitars. The majority of guitarists was playing without and using lute positon, resting the little finger on the soundboard.

This guitar has been built for an without nail playing because of the strings, wich are very low from the soundboard (6 or 7mm). So this is quite difficult to play this instrument with long nails.

The romantic guitars are generally a little less loud than a modern guitar. This one isn't  loud because of its sound, wich rich bass frequencies.

Tha antiuqe guitars are sometimes in playing condition, like this one, but you sould know it is quite difficult to play, the setting has a little changed with the time and the action in XIIth fret is hight.

So you  can play Sor, but don't imagine so easily you'll play ona modern guitar! It's much more difficult for the left hand. The register up to XII is very hard to play and the notee tends to "crack" when you play a little hard.

with kind regards


Hi Florian,

thank you for the information.

I was thinking that Sor would be easier to play because of shorter string length.

I am looking for a romantic that is rich in the higher frequencies, because I think they work better when playing chamber music.

So I think this is probably not the guitar I'm looking for, but thank you very much for your kind information.

Best regards,



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