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At 20:19 on September 30, 2011, John Underhill said…
Thanks for the welcome, Chris, and the advice. At present I have a bordone on the 4th string only. I have tried using no bordones at all, and I think I'll probably revert to it. When I've finished making my guitar I'll be in the happy position of being able to have one instrument with them and one without!
At 15:47 on May 24, 2011, Alexandros Zervas said…

Thank you Chris.



At 6:02 on May 5, 2011, Alikalael said…


Hi Chris thanks for accepting my request. I met Gerardo a few years here in Mexico City, He's a very good teacher, by the way Gerardo will offer a course in november in the Cenidim, I dont know the topics or the accurate date yet.  

Your guitar looks very nice, I have played two guitars constructed by Carlos Gonzalez, their instruments has a very good sound. I hope one day to buy instruments of Francisco Hérvas, those are excellent too, do you know his work?

About my recordings in Myspace I need to make a new ones, those are old; in the next days I will hear your recordings.




At 20:04 on February 28, 2010, Diego Martín said…
Hola Chris. Siento no haberte contestado antes. Estaba esperando a que me admitieran al grupo de laúd para ver los enlaces que me dijiste, pero sigo esperando. En cuanto pueda verlos te digo. Un saludo
At 23:31 on February 24, 2010, Diego Martín said…
Hola Chris. ¿Tú tocas la mandora? Yo pensaba que tenía seis órdenes, y algunos casos con órdenes dobles. ¿No es así?
Una pregunta ¿Qué bibliografía y repertorio conoces para la mandora? ¿Se toca también con pluma?
Un saludo.
At 14:25 on January 27, 2010, Peter Stuart Davis said…
Thank you for your kind and encouraging welcome. So sorry to have taken so long to acknowledge it. Having just moved to a remote part of Wales and coming out of the worst of the winter, I'm now beginning to slowly readjust and feel creative again, which includes visiting this site!
At 9:15 on December 29, 2009, Rob MacKillop said…
Nice playing, Chris! Let's have some more.
At 16:14 on October 26, 2009, Fábio Vianna Peres said…
Hi Chris,
I'm new to baroque guitar too and with the same questions you have about stringing. The discussions you started have been very useful to me.
I think Sanz sound better without the "bordones" too.
I've found here in this network very good example of Sanz layed without bordones. Go to Xavier's profile and check his website. There are some great recordings there and you can find more on youtube (only audio).
He uses the high g on the third too in the capricho arpeado and sounds great.
At 18:35 on September 25, 2009, Jim Boyle said…
Hi Chris. Nice to find you here & still interested in the classic guitar.
At 7:55 on September 9, 2009, Jamie Holding said…
My budget is very low. Basically - under £1000...

But I know that that is a lot to ask in the cruel world of early instruments. ;)

At 7:54 on August 2, 2009, Rob MacKillop said…
Nice mandore music! You might be interested in this live recording I did for the BBC of mandore music from Skene ms. It is on my ning lute group page:

I'm not sure if you can hear it without joining. Anyway, it is track 12 on the mp3 player on my My Page.

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