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I've been playing the electric bass (another musical instrument played with the fingers without nails!) for over thirty years, but, so far as the period instruments are concerned, I'm total newbie. However, renaissance and baroque music has been in heavy rotation in my CD player for a couple of years!

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  • yong leong

    Hi Akira, thank you & I am glad we are friends.

         I got the Aquila Nylgut strings for my classical guitar from Tony, one of the members on this forum , he is very helpful. I am really happy with the Aquila Nylgut for my classical guitar.

        Do you play Renaissance Lute ( 8 course) ? I have problem trying to get some good strings for my Renaissance Lute. You know any good brand?

         Once again thank you for your reply

  • Olav Fylling

    Yong Leong, I use Aquilla nylgut for E, B and G on my classical guitar -- Aquilla nylgut for my Tomann baroque guitar, and have just changed to nylgut on my EMS Renaissance Lute ( 8 course). I think it sounds very good on all three instruments -- On the lute and baroque guitar it felt like getting a new and better instrument. The reason for not using Aquilla for the spun strings on my classical guitar, is that the D-string on the first set I tried only survived one week before the copper broke at the second fret (must have played E to many times that week) The same happened after some weeks on the baroque guitar -- I now use an Aquilla nylgut G-string for classical guitar as D-string on that instrument. A little weaker in sound, but works OK.

    So the conclusion is: Try Aquilla nylgut for your lute and order an extra G-string (two if you don't use octaves) to the set -- It's the only bass string that is often fretted, and will probably wear out before the other strings.

  • Dave Christian-Clark

    Hi Akira - I am selling my 1813 Josef Pages 6 string guitar via Bonhams Auctions in London on 31st October 2012...you can view it online (lot 5) under Bonhams 'Auctions' 'Fine Musical Intruments'.

    Kind Regards